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Welcome to the Arte Virtual Network.

If you have ever created art, if you've written or sung a song, written a story, directed, performed or created a graphic artwork, this is the place where you can promote yourself and your work, and make profit from your talent.

Who are we?

All members of the Arte Virtual project are professionals in the world of art, like musician DJ Bailo, director J.A. Ruiz or producer Joan Anglada.  Among our members and collaborators we have filmmakers, musicians, actors, editors, screenwriters, writers, photographers, graphic designers ...  Artistss like La Unión, Juan Santamaría, Maita Vende Cá, or Locomia have already committed to our project, supported by associates as the publisher JAP Ediciones or the Cultural Association AC Selpia.


What's this all about?

The purpose of this network is to help artists to promote themselves for free, help them to create and customize their profile, upload their work and publish their own news. This is, therefore, a specialized network for artists, which also integrates an online sales channel for artists who wish to sell their works via legal download.

The Arte Virtual network opens up to the world trough six web sites:

 • Arte Virtual  It is the cover and the summary of the main elements of all websites from the network.
 •  It is the meeting point for musicians, singers and their world.
 •  It is the place for filmmakers, actors, screenwriters ...
 •  It welcomes writers, poets, bloggers and other virtuosos of the written word.
 •  It is dedicated to the graphic artists of any discipline.

We, the Network administrators, provide assistance to artists and help them build their profile and promote themselves, while we monitor the network itself to keep it useful, avoiding erroneous public data, identity theft or disguised advertising, trying to maintain a dynamic network effectively helpful for artists to promote themselves. The network contains only original creations of its artists, its news and events as well as news and events related to the artistic world (music, film, books... In order to talk about irrelevant topics, post forgettable photos or copy and paste nonsense material.. there are other networks.


Standard Account

You can register for free. The standard account requires no personal info and no payment data, and provides access to the following services:

  • Creating and Customizing your artist profile. This profile will be accessible from a simple address (or, or another, as your main artistic discipline), and may contain your biography, your works, news and your photo and video galleries.
  • Your profile tailored also for smartphones and tablets. So your friends and followers can access your profile in desktop or mobile web mode, optimized for phones and tablets, with the same web address, and all set for you from a single administrator.
  • Upload your artwork (music, audio, graphics ...) so that visitors can have limited access (eg listening to the first twenty seconds of each topic, or view images with a watermark) so that only those who buy your work can have complete access to it to see, listen or download. You can also upload your works without restrictions, freely available for all.
  • Post news about yourself and your events, to be published automatically in your profile and, if you want it and if approved by the network administrators, will be published in the network web sites and by other means. You can also collaborate with the network publishing news about other topics related to the world of music, movies, books or graphic art, obtaining in return exclusive benefits such as free access to paid services.
  • Give tickets to your friends and acquaintances to access certain works (a disc, an image, a song) without restrictions, limitations or watermarks, while other users will continue to have limited access.
  • Knowing the statistics of visits to your profile, popularity of your artworks, and more..
  • Contact via private forums with othes artists from the network to collaborate with them.

Premium Account

The Premium Account is a license fe, which offers all the services of the Standard Account, plus these aditional services:

  • Sell ​​your artwork on our websites (,,, y To do that, you must be the owner of the legal rights.
  • Sell ​​your work as resources. A resource is a work that is categorized and is offered as part of alibrary that users can use to create their own works. For example, the director of a video documentary can buy from our network a video sequence, image, or background music to mix into the documentary. By buying these resources, the author of the original work perceives a profit
  • Having your own WebApp. Your mobile Web Profile for your friends and followers to install as a standalone WebApp, so they can carry it wherever they go.
  • Manage multiple identities linked together (for example, your group profile and also each member's, if any)
  • Having your own watermark on images and videos.
  • ...And many other exclusive services.

We are still under construction!

This is important. Some of the services described, especially payment services are not yet available. This is a downside, but also an important advantage.

  • The downside is that if you register now, set your profile, upload your artwork.. you can still promote yourself, but cannot put your works on sale until a few months, when the network is completed.
  • The advantage is that, if you start to use the web now, you'll be granted free access to certain payment services that are currentlyavailable, ie managing multiple accounts, your own watermark and exclusive services. When the Web will get finished, some of these services won't be free anymore, but will remain free for those who have opened your account before that.

If you are an artist, professional or amateur, this is your showcase, the place to promote your work and let you be known.  Register for free and become part of this great family of artists.